Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Previliges of a Previliged Few!!!

today i was made witness to a very pathetic sight in my house....the sight of a boy with his 10th standard certificates begging to be provided something for his higher education...this sight made my conscience (Manasaatchi)give me a kick on my back and say "look at that boy, though he has meagre resources he earns for education but you who is as previliged as the next guy does nothing but while away time with useless thing"..this brought out a fierce statement from my mother...she said there are large no. of people who are underpreviliged but who have brilliance to make to the top and there are also large no. of people who have all the previliges in the world and waste all of them away..and her last statement hurt me the most..well she said "Try to find out in which category u belong to????"....well i do try to use most of my previliges responsibly (My educational Qualification speaks for that) but i sometimes feel that i'm wasting some of them too!!!!! why does this happen??is it that i was brought up without even knowing what it is to be hungry for a day!! or without knowing how much my father would have spent up both physically and mentally for bringing me up to this stage!!! what am i going to do to rectify my situation and that of the others like me and those on the opposite bank of the river called PRIVILIGE??????

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

My Own Writer's Block!!!!!!

Its been more than a week since my last post...i've been suffering from what professional writer's call a "Writer's Block" (i think so) was only sunday that I and my friend santhosh were discussing about blogging.. he said it took him on an average 3-4 hrs to write an article fot the blog..well i never had problems with my thought process and its flow..i write what comes to my mind (atleast until last week) with euphemistic words wherever is the reason why i tend to digress from what i intend to write....this mistake of mine has been pointed out by many people...ok lets come to the main part of discussion..." Why Do People Write??" everybody has his own friend said he wanted to improve his writing abilities so i write...i justify myself by saying that I like to think and writing makes me think!!!!(some may feel it as absurd...for them an old tamil adage is applicable).. i always try to keep my mind churning out something(good)..i dont like keeping my mind idle and the best way to keep it working is making it think something to
write...until last week i had lots of ideas to write upon but suddenly all those ideas have vanished into thin air.....i dunno whether there is dearth of ideas to write upon or the unilateral
thinking...whatever it may be hope it doesnt last long so that i dont long much.......

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Bachelor Of Arts!!!!

It’s been a long while since I heard this degree being spoken in awe. My father used to relive those nostalgic moments in his college and used to say that it was a great feeling to be studying in college in those days (cos many people stop studying after completing their PUC (XII std.)). Wat has replaced this awe inspiring B.A or the B.Sc degree these days.B.E of course (no points for correct guessing). Being an Engineer myself I shouldn’t have attempted this post but I felt intrigued today from my father’s nostalgic moments as to what has led to the downfall (erosion) of these degrees? Why do we students tend to look down upon these courses and leave it to the lesser mortals who have had a casual attitude towards studies or are the creative spark in our students died down? Or is it the proliferation of tech jobs that has dimmed the creativity of guys?
My friends in college used to attend different cultural events and bag prizes in quiz and other academic oriented competitions, but when it comes to art forms they most of the time stood second to the guys from ARTS colleges (Take that for creativity). I think the cause of this looking down upon scenario may be the way in which the tech comp are leading our generation (With a carrot at the end of the stick, but where does the stick end nobody knows). Who is to blame for this attitude of the students?? Parents?? Who instill into their children right from their childhood that they have to be an engineer or a doctor when they grow up and nothing else , or the schools??? Which wants to have Atleast 3 state ranks in the board exams and for this jails its students inside the house with nothing but books right from standard VI, or the students themselves who after completing their X shake their heads to their parent’s choices and suppress their interests.
Well definitely this has to change, when and by whom I leave to the wise people. Last but not the least being an engineer I’ve had constant doubts regarding what might the future hold for these graduates when my future itself looks bleak??
Lets not make the Bachelor Of Arts extinct like the dinosaur!!!

Monday, June 07, 2004

I’m Ten!!!

This post turns me 10 posts old..well it’s a great moment for me, I enter the group of double-digiters!! Still I’m a novice here..but I’m proud that I’m in a group where there are so many greats…I may have made lots of mistakes in my previous posts and articles but I’m learning fast and improving kindly bear with me cos I wish to play a Dravidian innings….

A request : please leave ur esteemed comments after u read my posts, it’ll help me improve myself..

The Confessions Of A Solitary Reaper..

(The title was coined from my two favourite poems “The Confessions Of A Born Spectator” and “Solitary Reaper” which I read in class XI)

I’m a solitary reaper ( an euphemistic term for telling everyone that I’m a loner)..being a loner has its own perks. U have the undivided attention of both ur parents and well u get everything u wish for..but it has its own downfall too. I’m enjoying the status of monopoly in my household(like Microsoft) …I’ve had moments when I enjoyed this monopolistic status but the main problem is by being monopolistic I fail to realize the brand loyalty I enjoy (it needs competition to project the true worth of any organisation)…coming to the better part of the story, I used to envy (when I was a immature) my friends who had either a sister or brother, the childhood sibling rivalry, the doting and wat not..i’ve lived a vicarious life of my own (I’m a kind of Schizophrenic paranoid) with an elder sister who dotes on me, fights with me and buys me all sorts of things that I wish for..well I take it granted that all the lone wolves in the world would have lived such vicarious lives themselves at some point or other…coming to the most IRONICAL THING “ ALL MY FRIENDS HAVE EITHER A BROTHER OR A SISTER” ..what a world I live in???????? I took this count while I was thinking of a better topic to write..and if u ask my friends who have been very close to me they would give an opinion quite contrasting to whatever I’ve written here and falsify my proclamation as an OUTSIDER/SOLITARY REAPER…

Thursday, June 03, 2004

How to Name It ??????

(This is a dedication to the Directors and Producers and all the people involved behind the scene in creating a Tamil Movie..)

I’ve often wondered about the relativity of movies to its title..people keep exotic names to their creation just to bring the audiences to the cinema hall..the recently released English flick “THE DAYAFTER TOMORROW” ..well wat happens the day after tomorrow..the world and its inhabitants are raced to the ground by mother nature..well y does it have to happen day after tomorrow and not some other day (today for instance)..well there have been lotsa exotic names in Hindi and Tamil Film industry..a recent Bharathi Raja Flick “Kangalal kaithu sai” well the heroines eyes were not tht mesmerizing to arrest someone..there have been evidence of such idiosyncracy in the moviedom…I don’t want to imagine the reason behind this..but I would definitely like to meet the person(S) who think of such exotic names tht don’t fit the story that is being told…

Middle-Class Mentality

Well I don’t know how much relevance does the heading have to the body but I’m trying to improve the correlation coefficient to 1. Coming to the matter at hand, I wanted to say something about (u’ll understand it at the end of the post (kinda Maniratnam style)). Today there was an association meeting held in our house…I think India is the only country in the world that has associations of every kind from labour unions to association for each and every caste,creed and social class…so we too have our association and since my dad holds one of the higher offices in the body we had this meeting at our house. It was attended by one and all starting from the State President of the association to the Panchayat President. I had a chance to shake hands and rub shoulders with some of the heavyweights (literally Heavyweights).. well that’s not the point..coming to the crux I was kind of shy to go out and participate in those activities…well is the brought up and the surroundings or is it the introvertedness in me that has pushed me to this position…I don’t think I’m that much of an introvert cos I mingle well with people..but y not today??? Well I’m a person raised in a surrounding completely filled with conservative and orthodox (sometimes both) people, people who think about the consequences (reaction) before they put forth their actions (I don’t want to figure out NEWTON’S reaction about this)…so I do have lotsa doubts in my mind about coming forward and contributing to the association of our caste..(or is it the broad-mindedness in me thinking it stupid to have associations of this kind, partitioning fellow human beings in the name of caste??) …the first time my father said he was holding such a post I couldn’t bask in his achievement ( cos this association is politically affiliated), I didn’t want my father to have anything with politics…I didn’t know the reason for my behavior at that time ( I still don’t know the reason!!) is this wat people call “Middle-class Mentality???????”..

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I Sleep, I dream, I conquer(don’t know wat) !!!!

I had this strange dream last night (or should I say a nightmare) well I became an acclaimed writer and was receiving an award in a big international conference (I assume I was awarded the Booker) and I was making my nation proud..well don’t u assume too much this is not about me being a writer or awards but about dreams. People who have achieved something in their respective fields have asked others to dream “dare to dream” was their motto (Atleast some said this).corporatively speaking dreams give out big innovations(thts wat the Americans say). But physiologically speaking dreams are caused by the projection of latent image by the cerebrum. The optical area of the cerebrum projects the latent images which are seen only when the other areas are at rest. Now coming to the psychologists point of view “ dreams project the latent characteristics of a particular person”.research says that a persons characteristics can be identified by monitoring his with Minority Report “criminals can be identified before a crime is committed by monitoring the dream pattern.” Well saying is easy but action is difficult as valluvar said “ solluthal yaarkum eliya ariyavam solliya vannam seyal”. Moreover there is another argument stating tht man can generate dream and can alter his pattern as he wishes.. this is like getting immune to different torture techniques which spies today are taught first…well the next time u get a dream or nightmare for tht matter take a minute to analyse tht cos there may be some truth hidden somewhere deep inside them (u may be a criminal too or a psychopath ).