Monday, June 07, 2004

I’m Ten!!!

This post turns me 10 posts old..well it’s a great moment for me, I enter the group of double-digiters!! Still I’m a novice here..but I’m proud that I’m in a group where there are so many greats…I may have made lots of mistakes in my previous posts and articles but I’m learning fast and improving kindly bear with me cos I wish to play a Dravidian innings….

A request : please leave ur esteemed comments after u read my posts, it’ll help me improve myself..

The Confessions Of A Solitary Reaper..

(The title was coined from my two favourite poems “The Confessions Of A Born Spectator” and “Solitary Reaper” which I read in class XI)

I’m a solitary reaper ( an euphemistic term for telling everyone that I’m a loner)..being a loner has its own perks. U have the undivided attention of both ur parents and well u get everything u wish for..but it has its own downfall too. I’m enjoying the status of monopoly in my household(like Microsoft) …I’ve had moments when I enjoyed this monopolistic status but the main problem is by being monopolistic I fail to realize the brand loyalty I enjoy (it needs competition to project the true worth of any organisation)…coming to the better part of the story, I used to envy (when I was a immature) my friends who had either a sister or brother, the childhood sibling rivalry, the doting and wat not..i’ve lived a vicarious life of my own (I’m a kind of Schizophrenic paranoid) with an elder sister who dotes on me, fights with me and buys me all sorts of things that I wish for..well I take it granted that all the lone wolves in the world would have lived such vicarious lives themselves at some point or other…coming to the most IRONICAL THING “ ALL MY FRIENDS HAVE EITHER A BROTHER OR A SISTER” ..what a world I live in???????? I took this count while I was thinking of a better topic to write..and if u ask my friends who have been very close to me they would give an opinion quite contrasting to whatever I’ve written here and falsify my proclamation as an OUTSIDER/SOLITARY REAPER…