Thursday, May 20, 2004

Why shud i work???????

Every one (especially MALES!!!!) in their life time wud have definitely given a thought abt this y i need to go to work??? well this is not somethin of a lament frm an overworked underpaid professional whos is sloggin at home and work...but a guy whos is enjoyin his life @ home..well this ocurred to me while i was whilin away my time watchin all the crap tht T.V channels r churnin out now-a-days...there is an adage in any language u can take regardin (linking)men and work, there is one in my lang too "udyogam purusha lakshanam"-- work is blah blah for men..i wondered who coined this adage in the first place,take the case of LIONS males dont work..they eat n sleep only the lioness go for the hunt..when the king of the jungle himself is so lethargic in attitude then y shud king of whatever he sees (talkin abt man only)...WORK?????