Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Bachelor Of Arts!!!!

It’s been a long while since I heard this degree being spoken in awe. My father used to relive those nostalgic moments in his college and used to say that it was a great feeling to be studying in college in those days (cos many people stop studying after completing their PUC (XII std.)). Wat has replaced this awe inspiring B.A or the B.Sc degree these days.B.E of course (no points for correct guessing). Being an Engineer myself I shouldn’t have attempted this post but I felt intrigued today from my father’s nostalgic moments as to what has led to the downfall (erosion) of these degrees? Why do we students tend to look down upon these courses and leave it to the lesser mortals who have had a casual attitude towards studies or are the creative spark in our students died down? Or is it the proliferation of tech jobs that has dimmed the creativity of guys?
My friends in college used to attend different cultural events and bag prizes in quiz and other academic oriented competitions, but when it comes to art forms they most of the time stood second to the guys from ARTS colleges (Take that for creativity). I think the cause of this looking down upon scenario may be the way in which the tech comp are leading our generation (With a carrot at the end of the stick, but where does the stick end nobody knows). Who is to blame for this attitude of the students?? Parents?? Who instill into their children right from their childhood that they have to be an engineer or a doctor when they grow up and nothing else , or the schools??? Which wants to have Atleast 3 state ranks in the board exams and for this jails its students inside the house with nothing but books right from standard VI, or the students themselves who after completing their X shake their heads to their parent’s choices and suppress their interests.
Well definitely this has to change, when and by whom I leave to the wise people. Last but not the least being an engineer I’ve had constant doubts regarding what might the future hold for these graduates when my future itself looks bleak??
Lets not make the Bachelor Of Arts extinct like the dinosaur!!!

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Sanjeeth said...

Its because of the basic(wrong) belief that education is
just a means for a job.