Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I Sleep, I dream, I conquer(don’t know wat) !!!!

I had this strange dream last night (or should I say a nightmare) well I became an acclaimed writer and was receiving an award in a big international conference (I assume I was awarded the Booker) and I was making my nation proud..well don’t u assume too much this is not about me being a writer or awards but about dreams. People who have achieved something in their respective fields have asked others to dream “dare to dream” was their motto (Atleast some said this).corporatively speaking dreams give out big innovations(thts wat the Americans say). But physiologically speaking dreams are caused by the projection of latent image by the cerebrum. The optical area of the cerebrum projects the latent images which are seen only when the other areas are at rest. Now coming to the psychologists point of view “ dreams project the latent characteristics of a particular person”.research says that a persons characteristics can be identified by monitoring his dreams..as with Minority Report “criminals can be identified before a crime is committed by monitoring the dream pattern.” Well saying is easy but action is difficult as valluvar said “ solluthal yaarkum eliya ariyavam solliya vannam seyal”. Moreover there is another argument stating tht man can generate dream and can alter his pattern as he wishes.. this is like getting immune to different torture techniques which spies today are taught first…well the next time u get a dream or nightmare for tht matter take a minute to analyse tht cos there may be some truth hidden somewhere deep inside them (u may be a criminal too or a psychopath ).