Thursday, June 03, 2004

Middle-Class Mentality

Well I don’t know how much relevance does the heading have to the body but I’m trying to improve the correlation coefficient to 1. Coming to the matter at hand, I wanted to say something about (u’ll understand it at the end of the post (kinda Maniratnam style)). Today there was an association meeting held in our house…I think India is the only country in the world that has associations of every kind from labour unions to association for each and every caste,creed and social class…so we too have our association and since my dad holds one of the higher offices in the body we had this meeting at our house. It was attended by one and all starting from the State President of the association to the Panchayat President. I had a chance to shake hands and rub shoulders with some of the heavyweights (literally Heavyweights).. well that’s not the point..coming to the crux I was kind of shy to go out and participate in those activities…well is the brought up and the surroundings or is it the introvertedness in me that has pushed me to this position…I don’t think I’m that much of an introvert cos I mingle well with people..but y not today??? Well I’m a person raised in a surrounding completely filled with conservative and orthodox (sometimes both) people, people who think about the consequences (reaction) before they put forth their actions (I don’t want to figure out NEWTON’S reaction about this)…so I do have lotsa doubts in my mind about coming forward and contributing to the association of our caste..(or is it the broad-mindedness in me thinking it stupid to have associations of this kind, partitioning fellow human beings in the name of caste??) …the first time my father said he was holding such a post I couldn’t bask in his achievement ( cos this association is politically affiliated), I didn’t want my father to have anything with politics…I didn’t know the reason for my behavior at that time ( I still don’t know the reason!!) is this wat people call “Middle-class Mentality???????”..

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