Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Previliges of a Previliged Few!!!

today i was made witness to a very pathetic sight in my house....the sight of a boy with his 10th standard certificates begging to be provided something for his higher education...this sight made my conscience (Manasaatchi)give me a kick on my back and say "look at that boy, though he has meagre resources he earns for education but you who is as previliged as the next guy does nothing but while away time with useless thing"..this brought out a fierce statement from my mother...she said there are large no. of people who are underpreviliged but who have brilliance to make to the top and there are also large no. of people who have all the previliges in the world and waste all of them away..and her last statement hurt me the most..well she said "Try to find out in which category u belong to????"....well i do try to use most of my previliges responsibly (My educational Qualification speaks for that) but i sometimes feel that i'm wasting some of them too!!!!! why does this happen??is it that i was brought up without even knowing what it is to be hungry for a day!! or without knowing how much my father would have spent up both physically and mentally for bringing me up to this stage!!! what am i going to do to rectify my situation and that of the others like me and those on the opposite bank of the river called PRIVILIGE??????