Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood and All the different woods in the forest

It was only day before yesterday that I watched the most-talked about tamil film “Ayitha Ezhuthu” of course. This is not only about Ayitha Ezhuthu (I’ll call it AE frm hereon) or any other Maniratnam movies; this is about Indian cinema at large. Most say that AE was inspired from “Amorros Perros” and for that matter any Indian film is said to be an inspiration from a foreign work. Any work for that matter must have been inspired from something or someone. This is the only industry where widespread plagiarism is said to be prevalent. And it is worrisome on the part of the western world to brand works from third world as plagiarized if they depict things other than war, crimes and sickening social conditions. I’m not a Hollywood basher and all but its pathetic to see them brand great movies as inspired from something western. Do they think only they have brilliance and them and only them can create masterpieces? There have been geniuses born in the eastern world too. From Kurosawa to John Woo, from Satyajit Ray to Shyam Benegal there have been lots of geniuses born and masterpieces created. It is the genius ness of the creator that transcends into the minds of the common man and not the inspiration. Moreover Hollywood also has its own share of trash that they churn out to audiences. So it’s not fair to ditch movies on the basis of from where they were inspired. Audiences should bath in the genius ness of the creator rather than think from where they were inspired.