Tuesday, June 15, 2004

My Own Writer's Block!!!!!!

Its been more than a week since my last post...i've been suffering from what professional writer's call a "Writer's Block" (i think so)..it was only sunday that I and my friend santhosh were discussing about blogging.. he said it took him on an average 3-4 hrs to write an article fot the blog..well i never had problems with my thought process and its flow..i write what comes to my mind (atleast until last week) with euphemistic words wherever required..it is the reason why i tend to digress from what i intend to write....this mistake of mine has been pointed out by many people...ok lets come to the main part of discussion..." Why Do People Write??" everybody has his own justifications...my friend said he wanted to improve his writing abilities so i write...i justify myself by saying that I like to think and writing makes me think!!!!(some may feel it as absurd...for them an old tamil adage is applicable).. i always try to keep my mind churning out something(good)..i dont like keeping my mind idle and the best way to keep it working is making it think something to
write...until last week i had lots of ideas to write upon but suddenly all those ideas have vanished into thin air.....i dunno whether there is dearth of ideas to write upon or the unilateral
thinking...whatever it may be hope it doesnt last long so that i dont long much.......