Thursday, July 14, 2005

En Diary Kuripugal Athiyayam I--Kaletil naan kadantha vantha santhoshangal

Intha valaipoo matrum varapogum valaipookal ennoda vazhkaiyal nigzhandavai, naan nigzhathiyavai matrum ennai migavum baathithu ennai matriyavai...ethai padithu, poruthu, ungal karuthukalai therivikumaaru vendukiren....

intha valaipoovai thamizhilum, angilathilum kalanthu ezhuthi ullen. enendral sila nighazhvukalai sila mozhiyil than semaiyaaga eduthuraikkka mudiyum..en ezhuthukalil ethenum sorpizhai irunthal manikka vendukiren enendral naan intha erandu mozhigalilum koncham WEAK

Kadavul en munne vanthu oru varam tharukeran enna vendum kel endral, naan en vazhkaiyil enaiyum meeri santhoshamaaga kalitha antha nimidathukku poga aasai paduven
let me take u all to those moments in my life that i will cherish

1981 Dec 7: ethu than naan avatharitha naal..chennai healthcenteril munthirikottai thanamaaga oru matham munnathaagave ulagathil kuthitha naal(muthalil en thalai vanthatha illa en mooku vanthatha endra charchai innum poi kondu than irukkirathu..en ammavukku treatment kodutha doctorai thedi konda irukiren)..oru vitha bayam, oru vitha unairchiudan pirantha naal..apozhuthu theriyavilla ippozhuthu purikirathu

1984 Aug: en appavin kaalkalai katti kondu naan azhutha naal..kaaranam en appa Delhikku poikondirunthar 5 yearsukku transferil..andru choclate kooda kasanthathu

1985: muzhu varudamum pidikkum..en kollupaatiyin bootha kathaikalum, nilaachorum innum en ninaivil

1991 May 21: en vazhvin muthal cross-thread ceremony, i was the center of attraction..that was the only day where all my relatives from my great-grandmother, periammas, mamis and chithis on my mother side to my periappas, athais assembled.after this day i havent seen such a huge assembly of my relatives. and being the center of attraction in such a huge crowd for 2 days is a great thing for a 9 yr kid

1994: naan muthal muraiyaaka medai kacheri paniyathu, bayamillamal 2 mani neram violin vasithu en muthal sambalam Rs 100/-

1996 May: en 10th standard result vantha naal..enna mathiri average student, half-yearly, pre-board examsil fail aana student 87% vangarathundrathu oru periya success story than..all thanx goes to my mom & dad who were there with me till the end

1998 Aug: first day in my college life!! a totally different environment, a new life, a sense of freedom and foreboding, meendum pirantha anubavam.

1998-2002: en college life muzhuvathum, naan santhosha padavum azhavum kidaitha tholgal..(if i had reborn and taken another path ithe tholgal enakkku kidaithu irukuma endru enakkku theriyaathu)..naan potta VEKKUkal, panna tholaigal ellame oru thinusu

2002 April: naangal kaloori padippai muditha neram. vidai petra neram, koncham sogamaanathanalum a great moment in my life

2002 Dec 29: Naan Pattam Vangiya naal..(naanum oru thozhil nutpa elayar aana naal)

2002-2004: en MBA naatkal,padipil kammi oor suthuvathil niraya kavanam seluthiya naatkal. matra classmates girlfrnds sight aditha kaalam..namaku oru girl frnd illaye endru ekam oru pakkam, nala velai thapithom endra santhosham oru pakkam

2004 June-2004 Dec: en nanbanudan Chennaiyil ulla athanai restaurants kalil kazhitha naatkal.kaasukum thanikkum difference theriyaatha naatkal

2005 Jan 23: MBA pattam, University rank..7th cloud..

ethuthan kaalsuvadukalil naan kadanthu vantha ennayum meeri santhosha patta moments..i pray to GOD to give me an opportunity to relieve these moments once more....

Friday, March 18, 2005

Fiction and History

Last week i and my frnd Santhosh were discussing about Amarar Kalki's "Ponniyin Selvan"...he was of the opinion that it doesn't warrant the hype of a great epic associated with it...though i didn't fully agree with it, i too think that sometimes we give so much hype to certain things which when faced with reality fails short of its expectation..since the topic is something different i will stop digressing...though Ponniyin selvan fell short of the hype the work of Amarar Kalki should be very much appreciated, his research into the topic is very vast and expansive..he had recreated the entire era and had given a very realistic picture of that period in history, which even highly experienced archealogical experts couldn't project!!!!

there are certain writers in the modern times who have this gift of recreating history and enthralling readers with their true account of a particular time/place, for once Fredrick Forsyth's "ICON" was one good read where the author takes you into the heart of Moscow and his "THE DAY OF THE JACKAL" is too good a read.. another stalwart in this area is Ayn Rand..her work "WE THE PEOPLE" gives a true state of Russia during the period of revolution and birth of Communist movement..her account of the travails faced by the Aristocratic families through the eyes of a young and ambitious upper class girl who wants to make it big in Communist Russia is potrayed in a very realistic way..
though these are all works of fiction, the pains the author takes to recreate history and project it in a very realistic way is very much commendable.......

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Whats with all the NOISE!!

i cant understand y ppl make so much ado abt nothing inorder to earn their share of fame and fortune. i cant find a single good blog where there is something written for the sake of writing and not for the sake of adulations and limelight..evolution has been stunted when it comes to sense of morality in writing
will it ever change??