Thursday, June 03, 2004

How to Name It ??????

(This is a dedication to the Directors and Producers and all the people involved behind the scene in creating a Tamil Movie..)

I’ve often wondered about the relativity of movies to its title..people keep exotic names to their creation just to bring the audiences to the cinema hall..the recently released English flick “THE DAYAFTER TOMORROW” ..well wat happens the day after tomorrow..the world and its inhabitants are raced to the ground by mother nature..well y does it have to happen day after tomorrow and not some other day (today for instance)..well there have been lotsa exotic names in Hindi and Tamil Film industry..a recent Bharathi Raja Flick “Kangalal kaithu sai” well the heroines eyes were not tht mesmerizing to arrest someone..there have been evidence of such idiosyncracy in the moviedom…I don’t want to imagine the reason behind this..but I would definitely like to meet the person(S) who think of such exotic names tht don’t fit the story that is being told…

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