Friday, May 21, 2004

Interview Rising Part I

A St. Thomas Mount Pictures Production

In association with Lighthouse Films

Interview Rising (a real life story)



Chennai, Year 2004A.D

In the not sooo future (Supposedly 3 months frm now) it was prophesized (in Economic Times to be precise) that there would rise a spate of interviews (but no jobs i'm sure!!!).

Shot 1: A paper flapping on a desk...a man standing behind it his hand behind his back
overlooking the window gray clouds passing over the horizon. Everything is still...(ITS TIME I CUT THIS CINEMATIC CRAP!!!!!!!!!)


Well i just wanted to share some of my travails i experienced at an interview....once upon a time after completing my time at college i attended a test for ( GOD KNOWS WAT POSITION) for a leading MNC bk...well unfortunately i got short-listed and was requested to take the HOT SEAT (Even MTV's HOT SEAT may not be this HOT)....i was to be screwed in two-phases ( God wat a well planned screwing...i'm jealous of those guys who get job by just writing a test INFY GUYS DONT GET UPSET !!)..first by the dept manager and then by dept head himself!!!..Well i already had butterflies flying all over inside me. And to top it all i was made to wait 45 minutes for my showdown...the
most miserable thing was there was not even a single girl (good-looking) visible anywhere within 100m of that place (don’t consider the receptionist, she was ------)...

Scene--2 (Interview in progress)..

Manager: Hi I’m so and so blah blah...tell me something about ur educational background (he has my resume open showing that in detail)

Me: (don’t they have something better to ask)..Well i did my schooling here...i did my B.E in IT frm that college and I did my post-graduation in Finance frm such and such college that sums up my edu bckgrnd..

HRA: are u aware of the post for which u r here??

Me: (y else am i here dumbo!!) yes I’m.

Manager: y did u do M.B.A??

Me: (I had nothing else to do after my grads. I didn’t have a job either) I want to be an
entrepreneur that’s y (i wanted to kick myself for this!!! i don’t need MBA to be one. all i need is investment)

Manager: don’t u think u r overqualified for this job???

Me: (some say u r overqualified, while others say u need some experience. wat am i to say here) yes i know!!! (Very simple isn’t it)

Manager: well your resume is very impressive…please rush through it once!!

Me: (It should be impressive. Cos I copied it from a consultancy) I did my summer project in that organization and my final project in RISK MANAGEMENT…

HRA: What did you do in Risk Management??

Me: (I don’t know. I didn’t do my project yet) I analysed different mathematical models like GARCH, EGARCH etc. and found their efficiencies

HRA: Which model did you find more efficient?? Describe Ur project slightly in depth

Me: well I analysed them by taking a case of an organization blah blah…..(thank god I had friends in college who taught me how to spin good yarns. I’m grateful to u guys).

HRA: that’s great!!

Me: (this dumbo tells my project is gr8.what does he know about risk management and mathematical models?? Nothing, zook, zilch) thanks a lot

HRA: well that was great we’ll keep in touch soon. Thanks for coming.

Me: it’s a pleasure (to leave this room).

Me: lets hope I get a positive response.

To conclude in the next part..


Sanjeeth said...

Machi Ponna Pogudhunnu oru comment!

Srivatsan Chandramouli said...

thanx machi..ivlo periya post anupichu comment illana bayangaram dissapointmenta poirukkum..thanx a lot

raz said...

infa matum yen thanks ku its my pleasure sonneinga??? ingaiyum mention not solli irukalame.... chumma scenu... ponna parthona... theriyummadi ungala pathi!