Friday, May 21, 2004

India Domeel!!!!!

After the great election tamasha its time for the great ministerial bullfight. Leading the fight from the front is our evergreen hero of politix LALOO PRASAD YADAV. Lalooji wants Home Ministry for himself, lets say he conquers and wins it, then the plight of our country????(I leave it to the readers)

Reforms and amendments brought about by The Honorable Home Minister Shri. Laloo Prasad Yadav.

1) Confer Honorary Doctorship on him and his wife Rabri Devi for their Achievements in ruling a state unopposed for so long (may ask for NOBEL PEACE PRIZE).
2) Bring about another green revolution (fodder scam at the national level)
3) Make Bihar the capital of INDIA!!!!!(Sounds great)
4) Cut import duties on Jersey cows and Buffaloes.
5) Sign an MoU with countries like Switzerland, Denmark etc. for export of cow fodder and dung.
6) Introduce CABIMA (corruption and Bribe Improvement Act).
7) Masterpiece--- Laloo in Science & Tech. Field –Send India’s first manned satellite to moon with a cow in it. (First Cow to land on moon …watta watta)
8) Increase power tariffs and charge supply for farm purposes. In return give free supply of dung as fuel.
9) Laloo’s contribution to IT sector. Rename Mouse to Cows.
10) Last but not the least: become a visiting (Research) faculty in Harvard for renewable energy study.

Well if Lalooji has his way GOD SAVE INDIA (even he can only try..people of India start practicing songs on cows so that u don’t get kicked while milking)


Sanjeeth said...


Santhosh Guru said...

Heard about Laloo's first move, in fact quite good, banning all the plastic cups and goods in the trains and the railway station. The tea and coke will be served in the small pots as they do at Kolkata and 'vaazhai elai' food. Lets wait, see and then complain or crib (may be applaud !!!) his moves.

Santhosh Guru said...

read goods as plastic goods in the above comment :-)

Sanjeeth said...

But this vazhai elai seems to have some connection with cows..then santhosh dont advise us on how to read..Naanga eppadi vennumnaalum padippom!

H# said...

Nice one..