Saturday, July 17, 2004

9-5 bug and the Dog Leash!!!

well its been so long since i have written..its all due to the 9-5 bug and the Dog
Chain..well until the last week i used to enjoy my life like there's no tomorrow..but now i have landed in something that is worse than i could ever imagine cut long story short i have been thrust with a 9-5 job..i basically dont like to stretch even my small finger for anything and now i'm here stretching all my 20 fingers....i've been hit by the 9-5 bug and to compound it all the people i work for have put a dog leash around my neck(i'm talkin abt my id card)..i had ridiculed most of my frnds who are working in leading software companies abt the way they have their icard around their neck but never in my life thought tht one day
i would be in tht position..i've been made to eat my words and eat i did....guys it really is bad on my part to ridicule u, now i know how a dog feels if its put on leash, i've become a member of SPCA and especially towards dogs..and to add to my woes everybody here is breathing down my neck saying "Do this Do that" and i'm not allowed even a single minute rest, they r not even considering the fact tht i'm a fresher and its just a week since i joined...well its useless to wait for Microsoft or Linux to do something about this bug, i think i have to do somethin abt it myself (with some help frm my frnds!!!!)..[i dont like to work for someone.i want to be my own master]

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